Venetian terrace makers | Asin Erminio srl
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About us

Thanks to the experience acquired in many years of work, and to our outright desire to dedicate ourselves exclusively to the trade of “terrace makers”, Asin Erminio srl is able to perform and cater to any request for Venetian floors using any type of binder:

Slaked lime

Slaked lime to create real Venetian floors to faithfully reproduce the technique dating back over five centuries


Concrete, which replaced lime in the early 20th century, with systems faster and less costly than the original.

Epoxy resin

Epoxy resin, the latest material to solve time and thickness problems, but always with the same gentle and coloured effect.

In the late Seventies, Asin carried on its business almost only in Venice. Subsequently demand increased all over Italy and abroad. This resulted in the company increasing its business two-fold and opening a warehouse-deposit-workshop on the Venice mainland as well.

The variety and originality of our installations are able to cater to any requirement of even the most discerning customer. From traditional floors enhanced by cornices and classic rosettes to the most modern designs.