Venetian Pastellone floor installation | Asin Erminio srl
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Venetian Pastellone installation

Venetian Pastellone is an ancient Venetian technique. Asin is able to make 3 different types of Venetian Pastellone: oil pastellone, lime pastellone and resin pastellone.


Except for resin, pastellone is made with natural materials in line with the concept of bio-building. The natural color of pastellone is red thanks to crushed pottery but we can make pastellone in different colors thanks to dyeing earths or resin.


Asin Erminio srl restores ancient pastellone using technics, materials and colors compatible with the original ones.

Oil Pastellone


Laying several coats of stucco mix obtained using: tailor’s chalk, cooked oil and dyeing earths. Finish with raw linseed oil and wax.
Slaked-lime floor

Lime Pastellone


Mix of lime mortar and crushed pottery and slaked lime made using the original method employed in Venice in the 14th century.
Resin Pastellone

Resin Pastellone


Finely ground lime mortar and crushed pottery mix, epoxy resin in different colours.