Design of classic and modern floor | Asin Erminio srl
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at the Service of Design,
or when The Idea takes Shape

Asin continues to place all its experience at disposal of designers and customers to provide them with outstanding quality.


Advice and suggestions are very useful to an architect without any in-depth culture on the subject of “base”, “plastering”, “grain size”, “marble slakes”, “seminato alla veneziana”, “dividing strip” “threading”


The Venetian terrace is open to any type of design, from the classic floor to the modern floor and experimental floor. The only restriction is the designer’s imagination.
Asin is a ”guarantee” not only for the architect who prefers the company but also for the architect’s client.


Asin’s guarantee does not stop at design of the floor but also covers installation: our floors are made entirely on site without the use of prefabricated elements.