Marble grit floors | Asin Erminio srl
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Materials and equipment

To do our jobs, we use any type of stone or marble grit.


Among the most common grits we use are: Bianco Verona, Botticino, Giallo Siena, Giallo Mori, Rosso di Verona, Nero Portoro, Nero Ebano, Breccia Aurora, Breccia Pernice, Rosso Levanto, Marron Prugna, Verde Alpi, Bardiglio Azzurro.


We also produce special grits directly in our workshop. These are obtained by crushing and sieving all types of top-quality marbles such as: Bianco Statuario di Carrara, Bianco Lasa, Rosso Francia, Rosso Collemandina, Azul Baia, Azul macaubas, Green Jade, White Onyx, Honey Onyx, Brown Onyx, Cocciopesto, mother of pearl, Tempered Murano glass.


In this way we realize marble grit floors personalized for each client.

Our machines