Venetian terrazzo artisans | Asin Erminio srl
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Our history

History of the Asin Family,
Terrazzo artisans in Venice

Asin family has been passing down from father to son the ancient and typical Venetian terrazzo tradition, which therefore makes it one of the oldest trade sectors in the city of Venice.
Thanks to experience acquired in many years of work, and to our outright desire to dedicate ourselves exclusively to the trade of “Terrazzo artisans”, our company is able to perform and cater to any request for Venetian floors using both cement binders and slaked lime only, faithfully abiding by the original methods used for ‘battuto alla veneziana’.
 Company headquarters are located in the old city centre of Venice, in the sestiere of Cannaregio: the offices, warehouse and the material and equipment deposit where sample ranges are located and grit and decorations are prepared, the upshot of a perfect combination of the architect’s creativity and the craftsman’s skill.


Until the late Seventies, Asin carried on its business activities only in Venice. Subsequently demand increased all over Italy and abroad. This resulted in the company increasing its business two-fold and opening a warehouse-deposit-workshop on the Venice mainland as well, for evident reasons tied to the more practical and convenient supply of materials and their subsequent sorting. 
Stately buildings, museums, hotels and prestigious villas, but also private homes are all places where Asin carries on its business, involving major restoration jobs affecting centuries-old floors and the construction of new Venetian terrazzo.